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2010-12-19 02:06:41 by JoshSkywalker2142

Sorry, was the too religious for you? I really don't like the fact that everyone who isn't Christian or Catholic always "rants" just for the fact that it's "Jesus-related." I mean really, is the only thing that Atheists', Muslim, or Jewish people do is rant about Christmas!? I mean the people who celebrate Christmas don't rant that another religion has their own Santa (not the Christmas one) or any other fictional character, they're just fine with it!!

This was a Randomrant by Joshua Brown
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2010-12-19 14:02:59

Atheists tend to think the existence of religion is a threat to their existence, lol.

JoshSkywalker2142 responds:

wow... what wusses lol


2010-12-25 01:28:55

Merry Christmas!

JoshSkywalker2142 responds:

Thanx, Merry Christmas too you too! This time I am not talking about the forum thingy.